Sunday, April 18, 2010

Something a bit different

Dairy entry from a year ago today.

Iam currently in such a diverse city where the serenity of the river that runs thoughout the streets meets strippers dancing in endless windows.

This is Amsterdam.

Today we made making our way over to Anne Frank's house with some directional help from locals. The walk took about 20 minutes as we dawled through the narrow streets each lined with its own unique architecture and history. We were lucky enought to be allowed to proceed into the house as there was no line. 
As we slowly made our way through the cold gloomy rooms I soon realized how tragic the story of Anne and her family truely was. I always knew this story was horrific, but to experiance with my own eyes was something unexplainable. As I entered Anne's room I noticed her wall facing where her bed once stood was untouched. The wall was covered in photos of her family stuck on the wall, maybe her only joy in this cruel world she was living in. 

Every window was black and no furnature remained (Otto Franks wishes). Along the tour I read how Anne desired freedom as she cannot set foot outside, breathe fresh air, run, jump or shout.
The house was cramped and depressing. 
The tour finished with something that honestly changed me. This is the first and maybe last photograph that will ever change my views, my actions, my love and my life.

The photo was taken of Otto Frank (Anne's Father) in about 1960. He had returned to the attic and was leaning against a wooden pole. The photo is black and white, his raw emotion was black and white. He is staring at the ground looking as though he doesn't know what to live for anymore. So much is evident in this photograph yet you can not even understand. His entire family was taken from him in World War Two.

I hope someday you feel what I felt when I saw this.

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  1. I think, that, you have the most beautiful soul. Probably an old one too...