Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I remember standing 8000 meters above sea level. 12484 km away from home. Missing the people I love. But then I began to listen to my even breath as each lung burning. Tightly compacted exposing not one inch of skin. Freezing air of -50°C catch my steamy warm breath. 
I Stop. Eyes closing.
Completely lost in motionless. Bliss. 

I remember feeling free on the top of Mount Wellington in Hobart, Tasmania. Each breath you take in Tasmania your live 5 minutes longer because the island is bursting in pure rainforest. That is how I felt pure. Young. 
Dreams of my future were endless with no limits.     
Completely lost in motionless. Bliss. 
As a wise sole once told me, 
We do not remember days, we remember moments 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Something a bit different

Dairy entry from a year ago today.

Iam currently in such a diverse city where the serenity of the river that runs thoughout the streets meets strippers dancing in endless windows.

This is Amsterdam.

Today we made making our way over to Anne Frank's house with some directional help from locals. The walk took about 20 minutes as we dawled through the narrow streets each lined with its own unique architecture and history. We were lucky enought to be allowed to proceed into the house as there was no line. 
As we slowly made our way through the cold gloomy rooms I soon realized how tragic the story of Anne and her family truely was. I always knew this story was horrific, but to experiance with my own eyes was something unexplainable. As I entered Anne's room I noticed her wall facing where her bed once stood was untouched. The wall was covered in photos of her family stuck on the wall, maybe her only joy in this cruel world she was living in. 

Every window was black and no furnature remained (Otto Franks wishes). Along the tour I read how Anne desired freedom as she cannot set foot outside, breathe fresh air, run, jump or shout.
The house was cramped and depressing. 
The tour finished with something that honestly changed me. This is the first and maybe last photograph that will ever change my views, my actions, my love and my life.

The photo was taken of Otto Frank (Anne's Father) in about 1960. He had returned to the attic and was leaning against a wooden pole. The photo is black and white, his raw emotion was black and white. He is staring at the ground looking as though he doesn't know what to live for anymore. So much is evident in this photograph yet you can not even understand. His entire family was taken from him in World War Two.

I hope someday you feel what I felt when I saw this.

Lacy Days

  One of my close friends recently confronted me with the thought
"when was the last time you did something for the first time?"
This thought trigged something inside me, something that is always been on my mind, with my every decision...  
I worry that Iam not living my life the way i want to,
with carefree spontanious decision,
being unique,
a smile indented into my face,
taking risks,
exploring the world,
being crazy,
being respected,
making changes
but most of all
being able to provide free happiness to all my fabulous friends.

This trigged this exact thought...
why am I not pursueing my desires, my dreams?
So I've decided to start something new, something differnt!
so here, Iam about to start fresh!

My new blog
what i need:
1)my camera
2)disposible film
3)gorgeous people
4)divine scenery
5)op shop photo albums

Friday, April 2, 2010

"Remember this moment"
It was one of those endless summers.
Days were spend at a beach, my bed lined with a thin layer of sand and the suttle smell of salt followed me.
 Peeling noses. 
I was still an innocent child yet they classified me as a mature lady. 
Maybe they were right...
My future was unraveling.
I knew my life would soon consists of work, work, stress, work, expectations, work.
But I was happy.
I was comfortable.
Yet, I was growing up. 
and I'm still growing up.
It was what to be expected.
I didn't realize how beautiful those days were.
Those days were one of my last innocent summers.
 "Remember this moment" a wise girl once told me.
I'll remember that moment.  

Saturday, March 6, 2010


A few snaps taken from the overseas adventures last year

 Westminster Abby


Western Front



Four planes rides in 72 hours with a mere 8 hours of light sleep, I was half regretting this trip. Lost before we had even started and already fighting over which underground train to catch in Heathrow Airport. We started on a good note.

Yet I don't think I'll need to go into anymore detail about my journey, as I believe these photos sum it up.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Ponder upon this today...

It's so cliche it makes me sick,  
"you only live once"

You've heard your parents ramble on about taking opportunities and then there is Grandpa who wont shut his gob about it. But it's true, you only live once. 

If we only live once...
Why don't we take every chance to make a positive difference? 
Why aren't our ambitions set high enough to truly push ourselves? 
Why do we allow ourselves fail to reach our expectations time and time again?

We idolize the people who are successful in making a name for themselves, for being different. 
Why can't we do that?
Are we afraid of failure? or, is it fear of judgment?
But ask yourself this, does it even matter what 'they' think? 

"Failures are made only by those who fail to dare,
not by those who dare to fail."
Lester B. Pearson

If you were to ask your parents what there biggest regret is,
I assure you it would somehow relate to not being strong enough to take that chance, that opportunity.

Even I'll admit it, I'm not strong enough to jump on opportunities that I want to pursue. 
I'll think of every excuse in the book to procrastinate myself from the truth.  
It takes courage to proceed, especially when you feel that everything is against you. 
But, if you only live once, why does the fear of failure and judgment hold you back?

Just remember this...
You aren't living their lives. 
This is your life. 
Be strong enough to take a chance. 
Who knows, it might lead to something absolutely fabulous.

The world is your oyster.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

memories with silent laughter

Looking over my many photographs of ski trip the memories flooded back
This is my favorite.

Not only does it illustrates the vast beauty of the mountains that took my breath one too many times.
But because the blurred focus is how I remember this trip.
Too many memories to retain.